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Our Process

A wooden plaque is engraved by APS machinery.

APS Awards is committed to efficiency and customer service. We care about giving you the highest quality products with top quality service along the way. Our process of ensuring the production of exceptional awards, trophies, and signage has been tested for over 35 years.

Setting up an awards program can be very challenging at times. APS Awards promises high-quality results and is the best option for any awards, trophies, or signage needs in the Des Moines area. We’re ready to prove it to you with extraordinary attention to detail, exemplary customer service, and very competitive prices.

Tell Us What You Need

A timely and efficient order begins with gathering the right information and assets from the customer. After talking with us about your needs, you may need to send us any of the following information:

  • Your name, phone number, and email address with a rough idea of wording. Send this separately from any vector art.

  • Logos – Vector files only. Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or EPS are compatible. No Jpeg or Gif file types, please.

  • Black & White art for lasering and sandblasting services. Please no grayscale (solid only).

  • Full-color logos and art also sent in a vector format. Photoshop is preferred (please call).

  • Converting full-color logos to black and white for laser and/or sandblasting (extra charge).

  • Any custom information for line and/or name changes on awards.

  • The date you need your product completed by.

APS engraves numbers onto a vinyl board.
Plaque plates are inspected at the end of the manufacturing process.

Award, Trophy, and Signage Production

After gathering all of your assets, our in-house manufacturing process begins. From design to completion, our team works with you to guarantee your desires are met. When you work with APS Awards, you can expect to have total control of the outcome of your order through our client approval process:

  • We design your award according to your specifications. If necessary, and by your guidance, we rearrange some of the design to fit custom shapes.

  • We send your art to you via email.

  • We await your design approval or your request for any changes.

  • We make final changes and send them back to you.

  • On final approval of art, we schedule production to meet your due date.

  • When your order is completed, we contact you for pickup or shipping instructions.